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Flexible Printed Circuit Board

We provide a wide range of FPCs, including single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, rigid flex, thin-core PCB and assembly (FPCA). We also make a variety of surface finishing and materials available to satisfy your product requirements. If you are not familiar with FCB manufacturing, our design engineers will be able to assess your designs to ensure optimum performance and value.

Product Applications

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Cloud Computing
  • DSLR Camera Lens
  • Phablet
  • Mission-critical

Automotive Applications

  • Headlamps & Tail Lights
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Automotive Pressure
  • Infotainment System
  • Transmission System
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Instrumental Panel
  • Antenna, etc.

Product Range

  • Single-sided Flex

  • Double-sided Flex

  • Multi-layer Flex

  • Rigid Flex

  • Flex Assembly (FPCA)

  • Special Flex


Technical Capability

Process Control Parameter Capability
Standard Advanced
Etching Line Width
Air Gap
2.5 mil
2.5 mil
Drilling Drill Size 0.10mm 0.08mm
Soft Tool Punching Hole to Edge
Edge to Edge
Circuit to Edge
Hard Tool Punching Hole to Edge
Edge to Edge
Circuit to Edge
SMT Component Size 0402 0201

Lead-free Surface Finishing

Gold Plating Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Electrolytic Hard Gold
Electrolytic Soft Gold
Electrolytic Direct Gold
Tin Plating Electrolytic Tin
Anti Tarnish Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP)


Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) Copper RA, ED, HA, HTE
Adhesive Acrylic, Modified Epoxy, Adhesiveless
Substrate Polyimide, PET
Coverlay Polyimide, PET, Black PI, White PI
Solder Mask Liquid Photo Imageable Solder Mask (LPISM) Thermal Curable Solder Mask
Stiffener Polyimide, PET, FR4, Aluminium, SUS
EMI Shielding Silver Epoxy Coating Silver Foil Lamination (Tatsuta Film)

Fabrication Lead time

Fabrication Product Range Lead time*
Prototype Single-sided Flex
Double-sided Flex
Multi-Layer Flex
Flex Assembly
3 days
5 days
7 days
3 days
Mass Production Single-sided Flex
Double-sided Flex
Multi-Layer Flex
Flex Assembly
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
1 weeks
Tooling Soft Tool
Hard Tool
2 days
10 days

* Upon design approval

Molded Interconnect Substrate


We have launched a new product family, Molded Interconnect Substrate (MIS) after twenty years of excellence in FPC design and manufacturing. MIS technology redefines coreless IC substrates.

MIS is a new technology with huge potential to replace Lead Frame and BGA Substrate. The use of build-up technology and a breakthrough from the conventional polymer core enables MIS technology to produce super fine circuitry and to enable high performance applications, particularly those with 4G, low noise and high frequency requirements. MIS technology redefines coreless IC substrates. This cutting-edge technology provides an innovative solution to BGA, QFN, WB and fine pitch FC semiconductor packaging.




MIS Features

Features Advantages
  • Current Capability: 15/15µm L/S
  • Min. Via Hole: 40µm
  • Ultra-fine line substrate.
  • Full Additive Process with No Trace Under-etched.
  • 100% Solid Filled Via
  • Excellent for high frequency application and thermal dissipation.
  • High Speed Via Hole generation
  • 100% via Hole filling CPK
  • Material used - Copper Plated Steel (SPCC)
  • Low cost raw material.
  • Rigid Steel Panel
  • Maximum: 630x520mm
  • Large Panel Size
  • 12 Strips at 78x258mm
  • Tail-less Design
  • No lead line or with lead lines
  • Core Less
  • High reliability. Only EMC and Cu
  • Mold Over Mold Layering method
  • Enabling Multi-Layer (>2 Layers)
  • Lower Cost than BGA substrate with the same fine line design
  • Cost Competitive
  • Flip-Chip, Wire-Bonding (Au, Al, Cu wire compatible)
  • Versatile packaging solutions
  • 3D MIS
  • Capable of built-in capacitors & inductors

Technical Capabilities

Control Parameter
Standard Advanced
Min Line Width 20µm 15µm
Min Line Space 20µm 15µm
Min Via Diameter 70µm 40µm
Min Via Land Area (Reg. +40µm or 20/20µm +20µm or 10/10µm
Min Substrate Thickness 110µm 75µm
Package Size (mm2) 0.6 X1.0 → 25 X 25
I/O number ≤ 1600

Lead Free Surface Finishing

PPF Electrolytic Palladium Gold
Spot Gold Electrolytic Soft Gold
Anti Tarnish Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP)

MIS Package & Application

MIS Package & Application Description Advantages

Flip Chip APE

Package Size: 7x7 up to 15x15mm

Line & Space 15/15 µm

Impedance control for critical signal traces.

High I/O Count

High layout density requirement

For hand-held, mobile, smart phone, consumer electronics and DTV

Wire-Bond APE

Package Size: 6x6 up to 15x15mm

Line & Space 15/15 µm

Wire-bond pitch down to 70 µm

Min. via opening 50 µm

Able to build up to 4 layers.

Jumping wire possible

High I/O count and short interconnects.

High layout density requirement.

Wire-Bond CSP

Package Size: 3x3 up to 19x19mm

Min. Thickness: 0.08mm

Ball Pitch (mm): 0.8, 0.65, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3.

Structure: single, multiple, embedded active die.

Small scale and light weight.

Low inductance, low capacitance and enhanced electrical and thermal performance.

Low I/O digital baseband.

Low noise for medical processors (Tiebarless)


Package Size: 3x3 up to 10x12mm

Thermal enhanced through pad to pad connection for high efficient heat conduction

Wired bondable on micro vias

High integrity RF lines (inductive coil)

PA module, transceiver, blue tooth

Front end module, GPS, signal combo feedback controllers

One chip solution with baseband & high performance RF features

WB+FC Baseband/Std Proc

Package Sie: 6x6 up to 25x25mm

Line & Space 15/15 µm

Wirebond pitch down to 70 µm

Ranging from 1 to 2 Layers

No Soldermask

Jumping wire possible.

High I/O count and short interconnects.

High layout density requirement.

Hand-held, mobile, net-working, smart phone

WB+FC Power Amplifier

Package Size: 0.6x0.6 up to 5x5mm

Line & Space 15/15 µm

Ultra small for COL - DFN

Flat surface for die attachments for COL


Mobile, net-working, smart phone, consumer electronics & smart TV.

MIS Reliability

Reliability Summary

MSL1 for QFN, 2X4mm Passed
MSL2A for BGA-WB Passed
TCT 1000 Hrs Passed
HTSL 1000 Hrs Passed
HAST 192 Hrs Passed
Theta (Θ), Cond. Paste >28% of TFBGA
Theta (Θ), Non-Cond. Paste >13% of TFBGA
Dye-&-Pry after SMT 96/96 - 100%

Drop Test

Solder Joint Reliability 1st Failure : 65 drops
Char. Life : 376 drops
JEDEC : Passed
BL TCT 6LPCB \@-40~125C 1st Failure : 696 drops
Char. Life : 980 drops
JEDEC : Passed

CTE = 12 X 10-6K-1

Flip Chip Reliability

Process Checking Items Criteria Sample Size Result
Die Bond Non-wetting Not allow 100% Passed
Accuracy ±15µm 4pcs/Lot Passed
Under-fill Bleeding on chip <1.0mm 100% Passed
Fillet Height ≥1/2 chip thk. 100% Passed
Void ≤1% chip area 100% Passed
De-lamination Not allow 100% Passed
Molding Strip war-page <4mm 100% Passed
De-lamination Not allow 100% Passed

Condition Read Point Judge Method Result
MSL3 /260°C Post reflow 3X SAT; O/S Passed
TCT (-65~150°C) 500X O/S test Passed
1000X O/S test Passed
HAST (130°C / 85% RH) 168hrs O/S test Passed
HTSL (150°C) 1000hrs O/S test Passed
Drop test 30X O/S test Passed

Wire Bond Reliability

Quality check item

Item Measured Method Criteria Unit
Wire-pull WP tester >3 g
Ball-shear BS tester >8 g
Ball-size Microscope 500X 38± 2 µm
Al splash Microscope 500X <43 µm
Ball-thickness Microscope 500X 8± 2 µm
Cratering Microscope 200X Not allow Crack
IMC Microscope 500X >80%

Board Level Test

Drop test 30 times (PASS)
TCG 500 (PASS)
FT yield is compatible (vs TFBGA)
On-board 660Mhz test (PASS)

Reliability Test Items

MSL: Level 3a (60°C/60%RH/40Hours)
- µHAST 96/192, PASS (45/45 units)
- TCT 1000, PASS (45/45 units)
HTSL 1000, PASS (45/45 units)